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LilyBoard™ Educational Magnetic Box (With Whiteboard & Chalkboard)

Help your kids become the artists they truly are! With our LilyBoard™  Educational Magnetic Box, learning and fun come hand in hand!

Imagine, create, and display amazing pieces of artwork! 
The box has a whiteboard and blackboard which are both compatible with the 100+ magnetic pieces. A marker to draw along with the pieces, and chalk to draw on the blackboard. The whiteboard/blackboard folds up the box nicely and makes it super easy to store until next use. 

The box is amazing for any occasion and will keep your kids entertained for hours!
Portable & Easy To Store

Package includes:

1 x Wooden Box (30 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm)
1 x Reversible Double Sided Board (Whiteboard/Blackboard)
1 x Set of Magnetic Pieces
1 x Marker Pen/Eraser

1 x Blackboard Chalk Set
1 x Blackboard Eraser
1 x Creative Idea Booklet