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LilyBeads™ - Magic Water Beads

A Fun & Artistic Way for Your Children to Express their Creative and Cognitive Capabilities! 

LilyBeads are a creative kit that your kids will surely love! The unique beads stick together with water which will give them excitement and satisfaction!

This educational toy stimulates a child’s color sensitivity, perception, creativity, hand-eye coordination and operational ability. Our LilyBeads will definitely make a perfect gift for kids young and old!

You can make designs from the template models but you can also create whatever you like. They can be stuck together easily as long as you spray a little water. No need for glues or strings!


- Safe and non-toxic, 100% compliance with toy safety standards

- Rich styling, bright colors, stimulating your kid’s imagination and creativity, and color perception.

- Enhance sensory sensitivity in the brain, eyes, hands and coordination skills.

- Increase communication between children and parents.

- The magic beads can make a pendant, mobile phone case, pen holder, animals, gifts to send to friends, and many more creative ideas!



  • Put your pattern card under your tray
  • Place your beads, spray with water and air-dry for 30 minutes or more.
  • After cooling down, you can add a keychain attachment ring to your work.
  • After the connection ring is added, add the key loop.
  • The cute key pendant is complete.

Available in:

  • 2000pcs (10 Colors)
  • 3000pcs (10 Colors)

    Both sets include all the tools required to make your incredible bead masterpiece complete! 

     Not suitable for children under 3 years. Adult supervision is highly recommended.