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MagicScratch - Magic Coloring Set

Let your kids get creative by using magic coloring paper & stencils!


The MagicScratch - Magic Coloring Set is an art tool that is not only entertaining but also has significance in kids development such as self-control, patience, fine motor skills, visual analysis and concentration. Stencil activities are fun and magical in many ways!


- Let your kids’ creativity shine! The MagicScratch - Magic Coloring Setcomes with 50 sheets scratching papers that don't tear easily, 3 wooden stylus sticks and 10 stencils and instructions sheet.

- There are enough papers and stencils to use for drawing or stencilling. Use the scratcher to scratch away the black matte surface of the paper, revealing the brilliant rainbow colors beneath!

- Suitable for art activities, projects or hobbies. Perfect bonding activity for families too!


Color: Colorful Night View

Size: Approximately 21*29.7 cm

Package Include: 50 sheets, 3 rhythm sticks to draw, 10 stencils