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Origa-Me Wonders

Neatly Designed For Kids! Just follow the folding arrows and create stunning Origami Pieces in no time!


Enjoy a crafty activity with your kids and learn how to make colorful and fun origami pieces!


This multi-sensory play activity stimulates your child's creativity and imagination by making various art pieces. This ancient art of paper folding helps children concentrate and understand spatial reasoning thus improving behavioral skills, cooperative learning and cognitive development.


HAND-EYE COORDINATION - This kind of activity helps children's fine motor skills as it involves small muscle movements while exploring and observing through their eyes.

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - Improves concentration, sense of color and spatial awareness. Using the fingertips to make detailed origami sends signals to the brain making the activity a great form of training for their brain.

CREATIVITY - It's more than just a craft activity! It stimulates imagination and creativity which is beneficial to a child's development.

LEARNING TOGETHER - This activity is perfect for everyone, young and old! It encourages communication between kids and parents or teachers while coming up with their Origami pieces. It's educational, therapeutic and has a social value.

ECO-FRIENDLY - Materials are safe and non-toxic. 

PERFECT GIFT IDEA - The Origa-Me Wonders makes a great gift for anyone on birthdays or holidays. 


Material: High quality paper

Size: 14*14cm

Package Contents: 54 Papers (27 different Patterns) & 1 Manual Book