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PaintPadz™ - Washable Paint Pads


Bright and clear colors help to improve color recognition in kids and help them stay focused!


PaintPadz are loved by Parents everywhere! Kids can create their own unique pieces, which cultivate their imagination and ultimately make them more creative!


The best part... these PaintPadz wash off their hands in seconds! 


Moms- cleanup is so quick and easy!


PaintPadz are made of non-toxic material, and are safe for kids to use. 


Let your kids enjoy their fingerprint paintings!


  • Size: Diameter is 7 inches- fitting your kids hands. Colors are bold, delicate and bright, which can help your children create better finger paintings!

  • Washable: Let your child use these without worrying about messes, as the ink is very easy to clean off from their hands!

  • Convenient: Each color is in an individual box, and they can all stack up one by one, which make it easy to store away and use.

  • Durable: Can be used for about 1 year. If the paint dries out a little, just add a little water to get it back in use.